Bilasa Film Festival organisers honoured in Mumbai

Bilasa Film Festival organisers honoured in Mumbai

Bilasa Film Festival 2015 organised in Raipur was shown in a concise form as a premier show at Mumbai’s First Look Preview theatre in Andheri (West), Mumbai last week. The occasion also saw honouring of the director of the festival Mr. Kavindra Nishad and others. Movies like Dhokha, I Can, Salt and pepper, Khan Gali were shown in edited form. ”we are paying tributes to Bilasa Devi via the festival,” says Kavindra Nishad. “The name Bilaspur originates from her name. She has an important contribution to history. We promote good movies via the show which have social impact,” he adds.

m_Bilasa Film Festival organisers  Dilip Patel & Reema Lagu

    Film“Khan Gali’s Producer- Director Nikky Batra says,”People of the festival liked the movie and the story, thanks to them. Movie shows the birth and death of Kinnars, the way they earn money and the sufferings in their life. Should they be getting any rights? It shows the entire gamut of their lives.”

m_Bilasa Film Festival organisers  Chetan Chudasama and Actress Sanam



      In program eunuchs film, “Khan Gali’s  producer and director Nikky Batra, Mazhar Khan’s son Padmashree Acharya Afsar Khan, Mayki Rani Kaur, Nisha Taufik, Reema Lagu, Sanam, Chetan Chudasama, Dilip Patel, Hrishwarchandra Ray, Chaturbhuja Pandey, Surjit Singh, J.Nilam, Nilesh Pal  etc honoured by Bilasa  film festival organiser Kavindra Nishad . And program is anchored by Neil Pandey and Ajay Sharma.

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